Osona is a land where the past and the present shake hands tightly. Traces of the shepherds, bandits and soldiers who travelled down its tracks are perceived as clearly as their stories.  

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Between cliffs and water

Sau Valley and Collsacabra Plateau, impossible landscapes that bewitch the viewer.

Witches and bandits

Routes, festivities and museums packed with history and legends

5 picnic areas in Osona

Fancy a picnic somewhere nice and cool? Osona is the ideal place.

3 rutes vora el Ter

Segueix el riu Ter i descobreix el paisatge i el patrimoni del seu curs.

Let's go horse riding!

Exploring natural areas on horseback is an unforgettable experience.

The essence of history

Footprints of Bishops, Lords, bandits and shepherds in the region of Osona.

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