The inland regions of Barcelona hide many places where living in harmony with nature is still possible. A territory that invites you to discover chapels, castles and historic relics from different periods.  

Discover the territory

El Moianès

Throughout time a unique landscape has been shaped by stone and water originating a genuine region where locals are proud of their origins.


Osona is a land where the past and the present shake hands tightly. Traces of the shepherds, bandits and soldiers who travelled down its tracks are perceived as clearly as their stories.


L'Anoia is a land where traditional peasant values are still very present. Hospitality is considered an art, and it is practiced with the passion of those who live within a rough and dry natural environment.

El Bages

The Bages region strong character is defined by its wheat fields and vines, small hamlets with cobbled streets and over a thousand metres high peaks. It is a land full of contrasts in the heart of Catalonia.


Close to Barcelona, DO  NOT MISS OUT!


Impregnable Cardona

Discover the last Catalan stronghold to fall in the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714. 

The hundred-peak mountain

Montserrat is one of the cultural, spiritual and religious symbols of Catalonia.

Between cliffs and water

Sau Valley and Collsacabra Plateau, impossible landscapes that bewitch the viewer.

The essence of history

Footprints of Bishops, Lords, bandits and shepherds in the region of Osona.

Land of castles

Discover the most important fortifications of mediaeval Anoia

5 àrees de pícnic a Osona

Tens ganes de pícnic i d'un ambient fresquet? Osona és el lloc ideal. 

A land of personality

Must-see tourist attractions in the region of Bages.

Shall we cook together?

At the Alícia Foundation, ensuring that old and young alike eat better is their goal.


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