Way of Saint Ignatius

Follow the path completed by Saint Ignatius in 1522 to Manresa, where, in the cave that bears his name, he experienced a profound spiritual transformation. Discover the places and landscapes of his pilgrimage: Igualada, Montserrat and Manresa.

La ruta

The Geoparc

The Ignatian Way connects with nature. The Geoparc.

The Ignatian Way, from Igualada to Montserrat

Walking to the sacred mountain. 

Experiències turístiques

Families on the Ignatian Way

Nature and landscapes for the little ones.

Montserrat, source of inspiration for artists

The Mountain of Montserrat, a source of inspiration for great artists

La gastronomia del Camí

The Bages region, a land with wine in its veins

The local grape variety is picapoll, which is only grown here

The gourmet delights of the Ignatian way

Manresa is reviving foods such as the pilgrim's broth and “bullit” wine.

Slow Food, gourmets with awareness

Farmers and chefs in the Bages and Anoia areas are reviving and promoting native, locally sourced crops.

Curiositats del Camí

The pilgrimage of Sant Ignatius of Loyola

From noble knight to a devout Christian.

Saint Jerome and the hermit's life

The route to the highest peak on the mountain of Montserrat. Saint Jerome and the hermit's life. 

The El Rec district of Igualada

The El Rec district, the industrial past of Igualada.

The historic centre of Manresa

A journey to medieval Catalonia.