Discover all the tourist activities you can do in the towns and villages of Barcelona's regions. There are so many proposals that you will not get to the end! What are you waiting for?

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Ens emportem el gos?

Viatjar amb la mascota, cada dia una mica més senzill

Let’s go on a picnic by public transport!

Don’t have a car or don’t want to use it? You can still enjoy a picnic day out

6 freshwater bathing spots

Places far from the sea to go for a dip and cool down amid wonderful landscapes and nature.

9 World Heritage buildings

Discover the architectural complexes in the regions of Barcelona listed as World Heritage sites.

Saint Jerome and the hermit's life

The route to the highest peak on the mountain of Montserrat. Saint Jerome and the hermit's life. 

Strolling among the trees of 4 botanical gardens

The way to discover a wide variety of species in a small space.

Floral Corpus Christi

Four day trips to enjoy one of the loveliest traditional festivals in the regions of Barcelona.

5 spring landscapes

The perfect season to immerse yourself in nature.

Picnic and beach, the perfect combination

Five picnic areas to enjoy on a day at the beach.

Celebrating Saint John’s Eve inland

Five options away from the beach to celebrate the most magical night of the year.

Infallible Sitges

This ancient fishing town is a destination with something to suit everyone.

5 summer landscapes

Despite the heat, certain day trips and beauty spots are especially attractive at this time of year.

5 picnic areas in Osona

Fancy a picnic somewhere nice and cool? Osona is the ideal place.

Enjoy a picnic with a view

Five picnic areas with a lookout point to enjoy the landscape.

Irresistible Badalona

8 ways to fall in love with a city brimming with history

Postcards from Mataró

The capital city of the Maresme region draws you in with its beaches, Roman legacy and a modernista route filled with treasures.

Singing the Praises of Calella

7 great ideas for enjoying the tourism capital of the Maresme region.

Discover the indigenous wildlife!

The Montseny brook newt, the Catalan donkey and the Spanish toothcarp, among the animals you can find in the regions of Barcelona.

5 romantic dates

Romantic spirit... a cultural route to fall in love with.

Cemeteries of eternal art!

Marble tombs, sculpted tombstones and majestic mausoleums in the most splendid cemeteries in the regions of Barcelona.

Nature for everyone

Accessible tourism breaks new ground in our natural parks.

Closer to God

Excellent religious tourism options in the regions of Barcelona.

4 Iberian settlements

A route around settlements with more than 20 centuries of history.

The Gaudí Crypt, a World Heritage Site

Discover the best hidden gem of Antoni Gaudí, the architect of impossible works.

5 essential human tower building events

A thrilling tradition listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Ignatian Way, from Igualada to Montserrat

Walking to the sacred mountain. 

all trip ideas