Mountains of adrenaline

Do you love adventure sports and have no fear of heights? In the regions of Barcelona, many places await you, where you can burn off your adrenaline! Dizzying vertical walls, steep rock faces, spectacular waterfalls and sculpted ravines of calcareous rock make up landscapes ideal for enjoying nature and intense experiences. Are you ready to actively explore the geological quirks of these areas?

One of the benefits of getting out of Barcelona is being able to take advantage of the amazing sporting possibilities that the region offers. One of them is canyoning – an adventure activity that combines the attractions of mountaineering and caving. If this sport appeals to you, a good place to get started is the Riera del Carme canyon near Igualada, which is simple but enjoyable for its variety of waterfalls. Somewhat more difficult is the Forat Negre canyon in Guardiola de Berguedà, especially if a lot of water is coming down. With quite a few rappels of different heights and difficulties, this canyon is ideal for spending a pleasant morning in the midst of waterfalls, embedded blocks and slides.

If what you like is climbing, you have many possibilities near Barcelona. As well as the great Catalonian mecca for climbing, Montserrat, you will find beautiful rock faces and via ferratas on the Puigsagordi hill, located between the municipalities of Centelles and Balenyà. The Baumes Corcades via ferrata climbs to the summit of the mountain over the most vertical slabs of stone, and, while you ascend, you will enjoy incredible views over the plain of Vic, well protected by Tona Castle. And in Vallcebre, a new set of sports facilities is awaiting you with several via ferratas and climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty. Now you have no excuse not to start climbing!

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