Travel around at your own pace

The tram and train are the greenest public transport systems. But if in addition to being environmentally friendly you also want to do some exercise and travel around at your own pace, perhaps you should explore the different types of active and sustainable transport promoted in the regions of Barcelona. Getting around on foot, by bike or on horseback can only bring you benefits, so get moving! Green mobility awaits you!

1. Walking routes

The hiking tradition in the regions of Barcelona is a very ancient one, which explains the large number of trails and theme-based routes stretching across the area. Are you a history buff? On the Camí dels Bons Homes (Path of the Good Men) you can retrace the route used by the Cathars to flee from the Spanish Inquisition in the 13th and 14th centuries. Are you a geology fan? The Montseny Biosphere Reserve, the pre-Pyrenean forests of Berguedà or the magical and mysterious Montserrat Mountain are three breathtaking environments that will never cease to surprise you, however many times you visit them. Do you have a pilgrim’s soul? The Barcelona section of the Way of Saint James is just what you need. Head to Vic by public transport and, once you’re there, follow the signs with the famous scallop shell symbol that identifies the route.

2. Cycling routes

If walking is not really your favourite means of active transport, get on your bike! The Greenways network of the regions of Barcelona is just as impressive as the network of hiking paths and, what’s more, you’ll cover more distance more quickly than by travelling on foot. There are circular routes with sea views, more technical routes on mountain roads, rural routes through vineyards… There are so many options available that you’re sure to find one to match your fitness level. But if you don’t own a bike or have the budget to buy one, why not try out a ciclorail? In the municipality of Callús a very innovative project has been created that uses rail tracks as a sustainable tourism resource. The Bages Ecorail consists of two bicycles attached to a platform that in turn is coupled to rail tracks. All you have to do to get moving is start pedalling. With a medium amount of effort you’ll be able to discover some of the most interesting nature and cultural landscapes in Pla del Bages.

3. Horse-riding excursions

Another way to enjoy the beauty of the landscape without polluting it with toxic gases or annoying noise is on horseback. If you think horse riding is an activity reserved for a privileged few, you really must visit the regions of Barcelona, where plenty of horse-riding schools offer excellent excursions on horseback at reasonable prices. At Rukimon in Dosrius, for example, you can discover all the breeds of donkey of the Iberian Peninsula and go on a donkey excursion in the Montnegre-Corredor Natural Park. Meanwhile, in Garraf you can ride horses that don’t have horseshoes or bits, a fascinating activity through which to find out about natural horsemanship.

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