Abric Romaní Prehistoric Park

The name of this site is taken from its discoverer, the self-taught archaeologist Amador Romaní i Guerra (1873-1930), who discovered the oldest pre-historic archaeological site in Catalonia in 1909. The area relates to the Middle Palaeolithic period and is one of the most unusual sites from this era in the whole world. These are the significant remains of elements relating to the lives of the inhabitants of Capellades from around 80,000 to 40,000 years ago, such as objects made of wood or the remains of bones. Using these remains, a park has been created measuring 1 km, which can be visited in around an hour and a half. Presentations and thematic reconstructions give visitors an idea of the landscape’s different geological formations and how the Neanderthals lived. The park is surrounded by the very beautiful Capelló crag. Inside the crag is what was known as the Fossar Vell grotto in Capellades at the beginning of the century, because it was where the inhabitants of Capellades were buried.
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