The spas and thermal baths in Barcelona's regions are the ideal choice if you want to escape from everyday stress and pamper yourself. But there are others. Discover a whole new world of pleasant sensations!


Flavours of autumn

When summer ends, the range of seasonal produce available in the province's markets is astonishingly wide.

Pole walking

Did you know that one of the latest sports crazes is Nordic walking

Maximum wellbeing

Special places where you can bid farewell to the afflictions of the body and soul.

Postcards from wine country

Activities to discover the diversity of the many different denominations of origin and to taste the wines produced by them.

The stars of the kitchen

In the regions of Barcelona, there are many restaurants that have been awarded stars by the Michelin Guide.

Shall we cook together?

At the Alícia Foundation, ensuring that old and young alike eat better is their goal.


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