In Barcelona's regions, it is easy to practice all kinds of physical activities, outdoors or in high quality facilities. Discover a wide range of options to combine sports and tourism.


Sport in the flesh

If you believe that sport is a spectacle that has to be enjoyed up close and personal, welcome to the club! 

Mountains of adrenaline

Do you love adventure sports and have no fear of heights? Go rock climbing and canyoning!

Greens with a view

By the sea or mountains, a selection of golf courses for enjoyment and relaxation.

Pure nature

If you like running and you like the mountains, many interesting races await you in the regions of Barcelona. 

Sports, Water & Fun

Catalonian Olympic Canal, a dream setting for doing all sorts of water sports.

Passion for motorsport

If you love the smell of fuel and the atmosphere of high-speed racing, come to visit the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya!

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