5 picnic areas in Osona

These 5 shady picnic areas are perfect for enjoying long summer days in spectacular surroundings. And they offer plenty of peace and quiet all year round.

La Riera (Sant Pere de Torelló)

La Riera is located in the outskirts of the town and is very easy to get to. It has 7 wooden tables under a canopy of trees, providing ample shade, 2 barbecues and 1 portable toilet. This spot on the Ges River is home to the Riera Spring, along with a very pretty Romanesque bridge. There’s also a signposted walk if you feel like stretching your legs. To use the picnic area you have to buy a very reasonably priced ticket in the petrol station at the entrance to the town.


GPS: 42° 4'37.31"N  2°18'19.39"E


Sau Reservoir (Vilanova de Sau)

This lovely picnic area, at the foot of the Sau Reservoir has 7 wooden tables arranged in 2 spaces. There are 3 tables and 2 barbecues in the covered area, ideal for inclement weather. There are 4 more tables in the enclosed, shady outdoor area. It’s situated next to the car park at the entrance to the reservoir, where you can see the famous bell tower of Sant Romà de Sau; how much you can see of the church depends on how full the reservoir is!


GPS: 41°58'33.23"N  2°23'44.58"E


Font de les Coves (Lluça) 

This cosy picnic area is cool all year round since it’s partially located in a cave. It has 7 wooden tables arranged in a space with different levels, including 3 double tables for large groups and 3 tables under the shelter of the cave. In addition to 4 barbecues and wooden tables, there are individual stone benches and stone tables without seats, along with the fountain after which it’s named. What’s more, there’s a small football pitch. It’s such an attractive spot that it’s well worth visiting whether you want to eat there or not. If you’re heading there with children, they’re sure to have some great adventures in the cave.


GPS: 42° 1'14.86"N  2° 1'46.80"E


Set Fonts Park (Sant Julià de Vilatorta) 

This lovely urban park was remodelled in the 1930s by the Catalan modernist architect Miquel Pallàs. The park has 11 tables (9 stone ones and 2 wooden ones). The oldest part of the park, home to the fountain with 7 spouts after which it is named, is very pretty with some delightful hidden corners. Here you will find 3 stone tables in different spots, a bar-restaurant that opens in time for the good weather, a gazebo, a pond and plenty of shade. On the other side of the park there’s a children’s play area with lots of equipment, in front of which there’s a very shady area with 8 tables (6 stone ones and 2 wooden ones). You can also find an information centre of the Les Guilleries-Savassona Natural Area.


GPS: 41°55'18.47"N  2°19'17.38"E


Roqueta Park (Tona)

This urban park is located on the northern edge of the town. You can find 5 tables scattered around the upper part of the park (2 wooden ones and 3 stone ones). There’s also a children’s play area and a basketball court. Below the gazebo/lookout point, from which you can observe the Vic Plain, there are 2 barbecues (1 standard and 1 double). There are lots of trees in the park, which in the spring and summer offer ample shade.


GPS: 41°51'34.31"N  2°13'45.69"E 

  • This article, along with many others on the picnic areas of the regions of Barcelona, is by the creator of the Som de pícnic (Picnic People) blog, by Marta Dachs.

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