5 summer landscapes

Maybe the summer is when you take your holiday and that’s when you have more free time, added to the fact that the days are longer. Well don’t let the blazing sun stop you; get lively, grab a bottle of cool water and start exploring some of the fascinating places in the regions of Barcelona.

1. Chapel of Sant Mateu

At an altitude of almost 500 metres and very close to the sea, the sea breeze revives us as we sit in the shade. We’re in the 10th-century Romanesque Chapel of Sant Mateu, in the municipal district of Premià de Dalt. One way to get there is by following the Ruta de l'Esquirol (Squirrel Route), a straightforward circular route in the shade of the pine trees.

2. Ter Riverside Path

Even if it hasn’t rained for days, there’s always a steady flow of water in the Ter River, and this riverside path is especially attractive in the summer, since it’s a mostly flat route that won’t make you work up a sweat. What’s more, the riverside trees are at their leafiest at this time of year and will protect you from the heat. You can choose one of the sections or take up the challenge of completing the entire route (part of the GR 210 long-distance path) over a few days.

3. Sitges

If we held a competition to choose a seaside summer image of the regions of Barcelona, we reckon that a panoramic view of Sitges would be among the winners. This town in the Garraf region is worth visiting at any time of year but really comes to life in the summer, when people flock to the beaches and its streets with whitewashed façades are filled with cultural attractions. We certainly couldn’t leave Sitges out of this selection of summer landscapes.

4. Gresolet Wood

Although forests and woods are at their most colourful in the spring and especially in the autumn, that doesn’t mean that you should give them a miss in the summer; they have plenty going for them at the hottest time of year as well! If you’re not convinced, just head to Gresolet Wood in the municipal district of Saldes. Its abundant and diverse vegetation, with the most extensive fir forest in the Berguedà region, and with Pedraforca Mountain just a stone’s throw away, makes it a beautiful place well worth discovering at the height of summer.

5. Cardona Castle

This is another place that’s well worth visiting at any time of year but the summer is particularly lovely, especially when you start to feel the early evening cool typical of the inland regions of Barcelona as you admire the Bages landscape. What’s more, if you’ll allow us some “cheap psychology”, it’s somewhat refreshing to have a close-up view of a white mountain at this time of year, even if the colour is produced by salt rather than snow!


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