5 spring landscapes

Knock, knock! Spring is knocking at the door, beckoning us outdoors. The days are getting longer but the sun isn’t scorching hot yet. Flowers are bursting forth and it’s a great time of year to get out of the house and enjoy the amazing scenery the country has to offer. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve selected a few places that encapsulate the essence of spring.

1. Sant Miquel del Fai

This spot in the Vallès Oriental region is lovely all year round, although in dry spells the waterfalls don’t cascade with quite the same power. In spring, however, if the winter has been generous enough with its snowfalls or if it has rained in recent days, you’ll find a bucolic Sant Miquel del Fai in all its splendour.

2. Puig de l'Àliga

Climb to the top of this peak, at an altitude of 460 metres, straddling the regions of Alt Penedès and Garraf, to observe the vast, splendid spring landscape of the Garraf Massif and the vineyards of the Penedès region. You can make your way up there on foot or by bike!

3. La Roca Foradada

Another picture postcard view. Once you leave the parking area, a 20-minute walk amid the greenery of chestnuts, holm oaks and riverside trees takes you to la Roca Foradada, in the municipal district of Cantonigròs, where a waterfall and a crystal-clear natural pool surrounded by stone walls await you!

4. Turó de les Clivelleres

The sweeping view from the summit of Turó de les Clivelleres, at an altitude of 744 metres, in the municipal district of Mediona, stretches from the sea to the Penedès Plain, also taking in the Collserola and Montserrat mountain ranges. It’s not a particularly difficult climb although there are some steep sections.

5. Can Tres Quarts Lookout Point

Last but not least, this lookout point stands at the northern edge of the breathtaking Bertí Cliffs. You can follow a route from Centelles to the Can Tres Quarts Lookout Point: you’ll discover ancient farmhouses and wonderful panoramic views!


  • Bear in mind that you’ll be charged for entering Sant Miquel del Fai!

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