Five autumn landscapes

It’s getting cooler and the light’s fading earlier; autumn is here. The trees are turning ochre and red as they begin to shed their leaves. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect time of year to head to the forest, not only to hunt for wild mushrooms or seek out some chestnuts, but also to fully enjoy a captivating landscape with an unsurpassable array of colours. So here are five superb spots in the regions of Barcelona.

1. Montseny Massif

Although the Montseny Natural Park is wonderful at any time of year, the variety of its flora makes it a sublime visual spectacle in the autumn. Whether you explore the area around Fontmartina or Viladrau, stroll around the Santa Fe Reservoir or climb up Matagalls Mountain, you’ll find that everything you learned at school about nature and the autumn is on display in the Montseny Massif.

2. Catllaràs Mountain Range

The dense forests of the Catllaràs Mountain Range, located in the north of the Berguedà region, boasting oaks, red pines, holm oaks and beeches, are especially lovely between September and December. The Espinedes Beech Forest, home to ancient trees that stand at over 30 metres, is perhaps the most bucolic spot of the mountain range. The walking or mountain biking routes between La Nou del Berguedà and Malanyeu are a great way to explore the forests and feast your eyes on spectacular panoramic views.

3. La Grevolosa Beech Forest

Beech forests are at their most attractive in the autumn, and the La Grevolosa Beech Forest is no exception! It’s located in the Els Llancers Mountain Range, between the regions of Osona and Garrotxa. In this place, the very embodiment of calm, you’ll find towering trees standing at 40 metres with a diameter of one metre.

4. The Ter River in Les Masies de Voltregà

But trees and forests aren’t the only elements of nature that change in the autumn. If the rains are generous, it’s a wonderful season to see rivers bursting with life and to observe birds as they head off to warmer climes. We recommend a walk alongside the Ter River where it flows through Les Masies de Voltregà. Here you can also discover some of the river’s meanders or the Gambires and Gallifa river islands.

5. Subirats Wine Routes

In the early autumn you’re sure to come across some vines with grapes just ripe for picking. In Subirats, the municipal district in the Alt Penedès region with the greatest extension of vineyards for wine and cava production, there are nine routes covering a total of 34 kilometres with information panels on grape varieties, agricultural tasks or climate. They’re suitable for enjoying on foot, by bike and on horseback!

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