Five literary routes

Some of the best Catalan writers and poets were born, lived or died in the regions of Barcelona. And they were so enamoured of the area that they immortalised its beauty spots, haunted houses, outdoor markets, cobbled streets, etc. in their works. And you too can visit them thanks to a series of well-signposted literary routes. Come and have an unforgettable tourism experience!

1. Verdaguer Route in Folgueroles

The poet and priest Jacint Verdaguer was responsible for turning Catalan literature on its head. The Verdaguer Route in Folgueroles takes in the places of his childhood and youth. It can be walked with a guide or unaccompanied and includes the Chapel of La Damunt, the Brins d'Espígol (Lavendar Thread) Garden, the Cork Oak Forest, the Trobada Spring and the House-Museum (the family home of Father Cinto, as he was known).

2. Rusiñol Route in Sitges

Cau Ferrat, the home and study of Santiago Rusiñol in Sitges, is the epicentre of a route that takes in the main sites where Catalan modernism took hold. A writer, playwright, journalist, painter and collector, Rusiñol attracted many intellectuals and artists to the town, who between them left behind an impressive architectural, literary and aesthetic legacy.

3. Espriu Route in Arenys de Mar

Salvador Espriu lived in Santa Coloma de Farners, Viladrau and Barcelona, but where he felt most at home was in Arenys de Mar, the town of his forebears and the place where he would spend the summer with his family. In fact, so intense was his relationship with this fishing town that he created a literary universe called "Sinera" ("Arenys" spelled backwards) in order to evoke the myth of paradise lost in his theatrical and poetic works. And you can explore this myth on a route that starts at the holiday home of the Espriu family and ends at the cemetery where the writer is buried, a place where calm reigns and the views are spectacular.

4. Martí i Pol Route in Roda de Ter

In Roda de Ter, the Miquel Martí i Pol Literary Route gives you the chance to visit some of the most important places in the life of this prose writer, translator and poet: the house where he was born, the schools he attended and the textile factory where he worked, not to mention the library, a very special building in which you can leaf through his complete works.

5. Anglada Route in Vic

Despite her passion for the Empordà region and Greece, the writer Maria Àngels Anglada never forgot Vic, the city of her birth, and Casa Fontcuberta, the old house in which she was born. In fact, no writer has done more to raise the profile of the capital of Osona. To honour her, the Vic Tourist Office has created a route that takes in the main local landmarks and sites that appear in her poems and novels: the Plaça Major, the market, Carrer de la Riera, the Old Seminary, Casa de l'Heura, etc. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the three-dimensional world of a writer who loved stories that were deceptively simple on the surface but complex underneath.

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