5 freshwater bathing spots

Natural pools, rivers, reservoirs... Your options are not limited to swimming pools in the inland regions of Barcelona when it comes to taking a dip. You’ll find plenty of freshwater bathing spots and they’re often set in breathtaking surroundings. So if you’re not keen on saltwater bathing and find beaches too crowded but still want to cool down in the summer heat, these 5 options are just what the doctor ordered.

1.Gorg Negre

A source of legends and poems, and constantly filled by a spectacular waterfall, the Gorg Negre (Black Pool), in the municipality of Gualba, is one of the most magical and breathtaking places in the Montseny Massif, which really is saying a lot when it comes to this stunning area. Getting there is a bit of a trek but that will make your dip all the more refreshing!

2. Sau Reservoir

At the well-known and popular Sau Reservoir you can go for a dip and even enjoy a spot of sunbathing on the little beaches you’ll find there. The best equipped locations are at the Yacht Club and close to the Can Mateu activity camp house.

3. Gorg del Salt

We head now to Borredà to cool off in this crystal-clear pool. Gorg del Salt means “Waterfall Pool” and the waterfall here, which forms part of the Margansol Stream, is about 20 metres high. The parking area is less than a 10-minute walk away.

4. Ges River

This small tributary of the Ter River has plenty of meanders and natural pools. The area just outside the town of Sant Pere de Torelló is the best spot to enjoy its crystal-clear waters.

5. Baells Reservoir

Like Sau, the Baells Reservoir is also a great place for water sports and swimming. The fact that it has an open-water swimming lane, part of the vies braves network, means that it’s popular with swimmers and other sportspeople, who go there to train.

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