6 very special processions of the Three Kings

Are you tired of the typical processions of the Three Kings, with the usual floats and the shower of hard boiled sweets? Would you like to surprise your children by taking them to see a truly different celebration of the arrival of the Three Kings? No problem! Here are a few suggestions on where to go and what to do on the most special night of the year for children. Towns and cities where you can welcome these most distinguished visitors from the Orient in a befitting manner.

1. Procession of the Three Kings in Taradell

The custom in Taradell is to welcome the Three Kings with lavender torches, which are lit and carried by children in order to light the way for the retinue of the Their Majesties. The smoke and aroma of the burning torches are evocative of the frankincense and myrrh brought to the Infant Jesus by Three Kings on the Day of Epiphany, and contribute to creating a magical atmosphere you'll just love. The Kings are then received by the town mayor, who welcomes them and gives them a very special key, one that opens the door of every house in this town in the Osona region!


2. Procession of the Three Kings in Vic

Fire is also very prominent in the procession of Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar in VicWe find it in the burning torches that warm and cheer the Kings' retinue, in the paper lanterns carried by children not yet strong enough to carry the pine torches, and in the lavender brazier carried by the muleteers. What's more, the procession has its own special musical accompaniment provided by the band of cornets and drums, an essential ingredient of the most magical night of the year for children!


3. Procession of the Three Kings in Terrassa

Terrassa is another city where there is a long and deep-rooted tradition of carrying artisanal paper lanterns to light the way for Their Majesties. But without a doubt, the most exciting moment for children is the great welcome party, where the royal page Xiu-Xiu collects their letters full of wishes in order to deliver them to the Three Kings. 


4. Procession of the Three Kings in Igualada

And speaking of great celebrations... have you ever seen the Three Kings parading through the streets of Igualada?No? What are you waiting for? It's certainly one of the most spectacular processions in Catalonia, with 500 elaborately dressed royal pages escorting the Three Kings, followed by an endless stream of trucks packed with toys. The presents are delivered directly to the children, balcony by balcony, thanks to the invaluable assistance of the Kings' helpers: seeing them climb up the long ladders, laden with presents, is so exciting it will give you goosebumps whether you're eight or eighty.


5. Procession of the Three Kings in Sant Vicenç dels Horts

Another city where the Three Kings receive a very warm welcome is Sant Vicenç dels HortsIn fact, with over 120 years of history, this is one of the oldest processions in Catalonia! However, the festivities do not begin in the streets but rather at the town hall, since the Kings like to receive the letters written to them by children and listen to their wishes in person. 


6. Procession of the Three Kings in Vilanova i la Geltrú

In Vilanova i la Geltrúthe procession of the Three Kings is taken so seriously that in the days leading up to it everyone is extremely busy making the final preparations to welcome Their Majesties. The royal page Eliseu sets up his marquee in Plaça de la Vila in plenty of time to receive all the children who wish to say hello and give him their letters. Meanwhile, stories about the Three Kings and their helpers are told at the library, the floats are decorated in style and loaded with tonnes of sweets. Everything must be ready to receive the Three Kings at La Geltrú Castle! They make a truly majestic entrance you'll never forget. 

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