Six splendid vantage points

From an elevated position, looking out across vast stretches of landscape, we experience a unique double-edged sensation: on the one hand, we feel powerful, taking in such a large area with our gaze; on the other hand, we feel how small we are amid the immensity of nature. What a delight for the senses to see from afar the plains, mountains and endless colours that form the landscape! We suggest six wonderful vantage points for enjoying panoramic vistas.

1. Queralt Sanctuary

Some have christened it “The Balcony of Catalonia”. As you can guess from this moniker, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria de Queralt provides a stunning panoramic vista, offering a bird’s-eye view of Berga, standing just below, and much further beyond, up and down the Llobregat River and towards the Pyrenees. It’s also a must-see attraction for its historical and heritage interest.

2. Ullastrell

Situated on the crest of a hill, this small town near Terrassa constitutes a fantastic vantage point from any one of its streets, whether looking towards the Vallès Occidental region, the Baix Llobregat region or Montserrat Mountain, of which it offers a picture-postcard view. But if you’re looking for a 360-degree panoramic vista, head to the vantage point located further up from the church. There you’ll find a poem listing the many towns that can be seen from this spot.

3. Balsareny Castle

Many of our castles are located in elevated positions, enjoying commanding views of the surrounding area. Of the many we could have chosen for this article, we’ve ended up selecting two. One is Balsareny Castle, privately owned but open to visitors, from which you can see the plains of the Bages region, Montserrat Mountain, the Pyrenees...

4. Boixadors Castle

The other castle with phenomenal views that we’d like to highlight is Boixadors Castle, located in the outskirts of Sant Pere Sallavinera in the Anoia region, overlooking the Calaf high plateau. If you’d like to visit the inside of the castle, head there on the first Sunday of the month or book a visit in advance.

5. Tavertet

Apart from being a town well worth exploring for its stone houses and streets, Tavertet provides an exceptional view of the dizzying, sheer cliffs of the Collsacabra area and an aerial view of the Sau Reservoir.

6. El Circell Miravinya (vantage point)

El Circell is a vantage point on Mireta Hill in the village of Les Gunyoles (municipal district of Avinyonet del Penedès). It’s the first of the five vantage points included in the Miravinya project (comprising a set of vantage points overlooking vineyards). From here, the 360-degree panoramic vista stretches all the way from the sea to the Pyrenees, but its most important feature is the wonderful landscape of the Penedès region.

  • All of these places have something in common: in addition to their breathtaking views, there’s no need to tire yourself out to reach them. They can all be accessed by motor vehicle!

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