Shopping for Easter

The first images that come into your head when you think about typical Easter activities are processions, passion plays and dances. Not many of us associate this festival of austerity, fasting and abstinence with going on a shopping spree! But it so happens that markets and fairs are unarguably one of the most important local customs when it comes to Easter preparations. Here are two examples to whet your appetite.

1. Vic Palm Market

One of the best markets for purchasing traditional Easter palms is the one held in Vic on Palm Sunday weekend. It’s a very large market sprawling across various points of the city but if you decide to go, make sure you head for the Plaça Major: as you stroll around this arcaded square you’ll understand why it’s been a trading site since time immemorial.


2. Tordera Palm Market and Fair

A very special fair is also held in Tordera on Palm Sunday weekend. It’s set up in Prudenci Bertrana Park, in the lower part of the river island. It’s such a lovely spot that any excuse is good enough to spend the day exploring the area. And there’s no better excuse than the Palm Market and Fair, an extension of the ancient Sunday market with a unique appeal that will leave you lost for words. So without further ado, make some space in your diary!

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