Welcome to the circus!

Have you got a soft spot for clowns? Are you keen on jugglers, tightrope walkers and puppeteers? Does it set your heart aflutter when you see the towers of a circus big top? You’re not the only one! That’s why we’ve selected 5 family-friendly options for enjoying the fantasy, freedom and good humour that are ever-present in the biggest show in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, welcome to the circus!   


1. Circ Cric in Sant Esteve de Palautordera

How about starting our route in the middle of the Montseny Natural Park? In an idyllic field in the outskirts of Sant Esteve de Palautordera you’ll find Circ Cric, a place of fantasy and creativity that the clown Tortell Poltrona has been directing for several years. It’s a surprising place, full of possibilities, and depending on the day you can attend a performance, explore a magic mountain or do a flying trapeze course. Have a look at its schedule of activities to see what’s on.

2. Tot Circ in Copons

Do you dream of tightropes, hula hoops, giants, stilts and spinning plates? Head to Copons and seek out the big top of the Tot Circ company. Founded in 1987, this troupe of artists specialises in family-friendly circus shows and workshops in which you can try on make-up, dress up and practice with all sorts of circus materials.

3. Permanent Exhibition of the Clown Charlie Rivel in Cubelles

If you’d like your kids to find out about Catalonia’s most famous clown, take them to the Permanent Exhibition of the Clown Charlie Rivel. Housed in Cubelles Castle, the exhibition explains the life and work of this unique artist through photographs, videos and costumes. His red T-shirt is legendary!

4. Roca Umbert — Arts Factory in Granollers

Do you prefer more left-field shows? At the Roca Umbert Arts Factory in Granollers, artists perform high-risk techniques in an impossibly high room where theatre, dance and music merge with circus.

5. The Central del Circ (Circus Central) in Sant Adrià del Besós

Another space that fosters circus-related creativity is in Sant Adrià del Besós. The Central del Circ (Circus Central) aims to train up a new generation of circus artists, but it’s also a performing arts and exhibition venue, since it often opens its doors to the general public, giving people chance to discover at first hand all the different projects going on there.

Do you still want more? The Ple de Riure Festival brings together the best circus and comedy shows.   

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