Pole walking

Did you know that one of the latest sports crazes is Nordic walking? Absolutely: walking at a lively pace supported by poles similar to those used by cross-country skiers is a physical activity that is becoming increasingly popular. According to experts, it is a great way of getting fit, being in touch with nature and meeting new friends. You can also do it all year round and on different types of terrain with different levels of athletic difficulty. So, what are you waiting for? It is such a different experience; you simply have to give it a go!

In the regions of Barcelona, it is becoming a common sight to see people walking with poles along the beach or in the mountains. It is especially popular in Calella – the first municipality in Spain approved for the practice of this type of sport. In this seaside town, there are several themed trails suitable for Nordic walking, but one that stands out is the "Sea Trail". This almost eight-kilometre long route is particularly popular, because, for most of its distance, it consists of a completely flat track of sand parallel to the beach and features stretches of natural shade provided by trees located along the seafront. Also, every 500 metres, there is a fitpoint, which shows the distance in kilometres and a fitness station that can provide very interesting information. In short: if you are looking for an ideal place to get started in this young sport, the region of Maresme is awaiting you. 

Montesquiu Natural Park also offers Nordic walking trails, where you can exercise, while you discover unique places in the Ges, Orís and Bisaura valleys. Its famous guided walks schedule is updated every year, but some things do not change: all walks are ten kilometres long, take place on Sunday mornings and are led by a trainer who knows the territory well. If you sign up to one of them, you will not only learn how to do Nordic walking properly from an expert, but also have the opportunity to explore places as beautiful as the Mir waterfall in Santa Maria de Besora, the Getsemaní garden in Vidrà and the Gravolosa beech forest in Sant Pere de Torelló.


  • Berguedà also offers trails for Nordic walking and enjoying the spectacular scenery.

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