Coastal footpaths

If you enjoy combining hiking with swimming, you're in luck! You'll find plenty of paths in the counties of Barcelona that are ideal for exploring the coast on foot. These signposted paths often have information panels listing the characteristics of the route. A significant effort has been made to ensure walkers don't get lost and can explore the beautiful landscape and nature of this part of the Mediterranean.

One of the prettiest coastal footpaths is the one that connects Calella to Sant Pol de Mar. In ancient times it was used by fishermen, smugglers and watchmen, but the only people you'll find on it nowadays are hikers keen to enjoy the spectacular sea views. The Calella Lighthouse Interpretation Centre is well worth a visit. This old lighthouse keeper's residence now houses a museum that offers visitors a fascinating insight into the operation of these structures, so essential for sailors.

The Llobregat Delta is one of the most outstanding natural areas on the Costa Barcelona. You're sure to love its hidden beauty spots, with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The route between the Remolar Pond and Viladecans Beach offers plenty of opportunities for observing sea birds, while the trail to the ruins of the Caserna dels Carabiners (old barracks of the carbine-armed cavalry) is ideal for exploring the typical vegetation of a dune landscape. Once you reach El Prat Beach, make your way up to the Illa Pond vantage point, the highest in the delta, and be sure to visit the CRAM, a rescue centre that treats injured cetaceans, tortoises and seabirds before re-releasing them into the wild.

There's a lovely stretch of coastline between Sitges and Vilanova i la Geltrú. This is the Coves of Garraf Route, a trail that follows the GR-92 long-distance footpath and enables you to explore peaceful and isolated beaches. Once you reach Vilanova you can visit the Maritime Museum, with an impressive collection of photographs, model boats, fishing gear and tools of other sea-related trades. Step out into its garden, where ship propellers, galleon anchors and shipwreck remains are set among tamarind trees over 150 years old.


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