Caravanning: taking your home with you

There are a growing number of caravan and motorhome facilities in the regions of Barcelona and it’s the number one option for many travellers when it comes to planning a trip. Travelling with your basic needs already covered (from the kitchen to the bathroom and beds) means you can enjoy your break to the full without having to worry about where to sleep and eat during the trip.

What caravanning enthusiasts value the most is the feeling of freedom they get from travelling this way. Can you imagine waking up each day to a different landscape that you chose the night before? The law allows you to park your caravan or motorhome in any parking facility where other vehicles may park, as long as you don’t start setting out your camping equipment there! Nevertheless, the fact is that if you park in dedicated facilities (and a growing number of campsites have them) you may well find plenty of services that you need, such as a water supply to fill your deposits and the possibility of putting out your table, chairs and awnings, etc.

Having everything handy (beds, kitchen, bathrooms, tables, etc.) means that your holidays and weekend breaks no longer have to revolve around finding places to eat and sleep. For many enthusiasts, caravanning is a way of life, or at least a way of enjoying tourism. Nothing beats being in direct contact with nature and, above all, being completely free from timetables. There are all sorts of caravans and motorhomes, from small to big, from basic to luxurious with all the mod cons, etc. Of course, there’s also a very wide price range, but you’re bound to find a caravan or motorhome that meets your needs. All that will be left to do then is to get packing and set off on your travels!

  • If you’re still unsure, before you buy a caravan or motorhome, why not rent one for a few days? Give it a try!

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