Shall we cook together?

In Sant Fruitós de Bages – a small town 40 minutes from Barcelona – there is a special cultural centre: Món Sant Benet. It features a Romanesque monastery, a modernist house and an organic fruit and vegetable garden, where Benedictine monks used to farm the land. There is also a hotel ideal for holidays and business meetings, a one-Michelin-star restaurant and the Alícia Foundationa food research and educational centre.

Founded in 2003 by the chef, Ferran Adrià, and the cardiologist, Valentí Fuster, the Alícia Foundation remains true to its goal of promoting healthy, easy and fun cooking for everyone and, for this reason, regularly organises family workshops to teach the importance of good nutrition.

Children, fathers, mothers and visitors of all ages get to put on an apron and cook healthy meals together. There are sessions on how to avoid wasting food, preparing a healthy lunchbox and learning about new trends like street food. Guests such as renowned chefs and cooks are also invited to offer tips and share their recipes. The history behind fruits and vegetables is explained and, depending on the season, ice creams are created with different colours and Christmas sweets. Whatever is necessary to ensure that old and young alike eat better.

So, why not sign up! Shall we cook together?


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