Wine in a museum

In Costa Barcelonaon the site of the former Royal Palace of Vilafranca del Penedès, now stands the Catalonian Museum of Wine Culture. Better known as VINSEUM, its collection will delight you, because it is not unwelcoming nor is it distant. On the contrary, it excites, awakens the senses and vividly evokes memories and experiences. Visit it and allow yourself to be truly surprised!

VINSEUM is the first museum of wine in Spain and one of the first in Europe: it has been telling stories for 80 years! Unforgettable tales about the people who made and unmade the landscapes of vineyards, the work that accompanies the rhythms of the land, the traditions that have been forged from this activity, the science and patience necessary for you to enjoy good wine on the table. It enables you to discover the ancient history of wine in the Penedès Denomination of Origin area and does so in such an original way that you soon forget that you are in a museum full of antiquities, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and coins, and feel that you have been transported to a land surrounded by vineyards.

This cultural center of Vilafranca is, however, much more than a privileged space to take a journey from the origins of wine up until today. It is also an ideal place for your children to be introduced to wine culture through awareness-raising workshops, where they can experience aromas, textures and colours with the help of artists and qualified staff, while you relax and sample wines from the Penedès DO and other Catalonian wine regions. Many wineries provide the museum with wine throughout the year, on a rotation basis, to offer tourists at the end of their visit – a gift that puts a nice finishing touch to your day.

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