Sport in the flesh

If you are one of those who believe that sport is a spectacle that has to be enjoyed up close and personal, welcome to the club! In the regions of Barcelona, many people prefer to go and see their favourite teams play live and in the flesh – just go to FC Barcelona's stadium on a match day, and you will see for yourself. Beyond the capital city's very famous team, though, many towns and cities organise competitions that are also true festivals of sport. With friends, your partner or the family, the opportunities to have a great time in the stands are endless!

In Costa Barcelona, ​​numerous municipalities have longstanding associations with sport. Terrassa, for example, has a field hockey club that was founded in 1910 and is deeply rooted in this inland city's history. A similar example is Club Joventut de Badalona, ​​popularly known as La Penya (The Rock). Created in 1930, this basketball team has always competed in the Spanish First Division and today continues to be considered one of the most prestigious in Europe.

Your passion is handball? Do not miss out on the matches of BM Granollers, the oldest team in the ASOBAL League and main sponsor of the Granollers Cup – an international tournament for children and youngsters, in which over 3,000 players participate every year. Do you find water polo more interesting? The fans of Club Natació Sabadell also do, so check out their fixtures and share the enthusiasm for a sport in which everyone can enjoy their moment of glory. And if you would rather go and see an roller hockey match, no problem. Visit the capital of Osona and admire the play of Club Patí Vic – one of the most important teams in the OK League.


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