Places to keep cool in the summer

Unless the weather goes completely crazy, this summer there’ll be days when the temperature soars and you’ll want to try and keep out of the sun. As usual, it will be a question of taking it easy, having refreshing drinks and food close at hand and seeking out places with a pleasant temperature. We’ve taken care of the last part so here are a few places which are not only great to cool down in but also well worth discovering.

A natural pool

Many natural pools in the regions of Barcelona are located in almost magical beauty spots, surrounded by exuberant nature. The water there is cool and they tend to be less crowded than the beaches. Of the many natural pools that we can recommend, we suggest visiting the Mola Pools, between Sant Andreu de la Barca and Corbera de Llobregat.  

A church

It goes without saying that, however small it is, there’s no village without a church in this country. With their thick walls, they tend to be good places in which to shelter from the sun and heat while discovering the sacred art they contain. It’s extremely complicated to pick just one... But today we feel like heading to Igualada, capital of the Anoia region, to explore the Basilica of Santa Maria or “Big Church”, which contains many fascinating elements.

A shady spot

But maybe you’d prefer to seek out some shade to get away from the heat. In that case, we’ve also got a good suggestion for you. Head to Montesquiu Castle Park, where you can enjoy a very pleasant walk in the shade of the castle and red pines, along a cool path that winds its way past streams, natural pools and springs. Make sure you visit the castle as well!

A cave

Inside caves the atmosphere is cool; you might even need to take some warmer clothes! The Toll Caves, in the Moianès region, are some of the most interesting in the Barcelona area. There you’ll learn plenty about the fauna of the Quaternary that lived here 100,000 years ago!

Cava cellars

We end our route of cool places in some cava cellars, where the temperature’s also very pleasant. Make your way to Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, the cava capital, and pay a visit to the cellars of one of the many cava wineries, belonging to both well-known or lesser-known brands, that are open for visits. What’s more, they’re sure to serve you a chilled glass of cava at the end of your visit!

  • If you prefer a dip in the sea to cool down, in the regions of Barcelona there are kilometres and kilometres of beaches to enjoy!

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