Walks in search of treasure troves

In the 21st century, the most modern hikers no longer travel with compasses and field notebooks. None of that. They carry electronic devices with GPS and play geocaching. "Geocaching?" Yes, geocaching – a recreational activity that involves following coordinates and a series of clues to try to find treasure hidden along a route. Invented in the United States, geocaching enables you to do tourism in an active and fun way. Are you ready to play, Indiana? In the regions of Barcelona, there are many hidden treasure troves! 

Geocaching is a perfect tourism experience, as it appeals to all ages and can be played both in the city and the countryside. Depending on the type of geocache, it can be done on foot, by bike, horse or car, and the themes are varied: they can be related to culture, history or gastronomy.

Sant Martí Sarroca is one of the first municipalities to promote itself through geocaching. With the ecotourism experience, Sant Martí Sarroca Ways, you can walk through forests and vineyards and discover many areas of this beautiful municipality located halfway between the plains and the mountains of the region of Alt Penedès. You will find five route options, associated with their own fiction novel with characters, routes, distances and totally different difficulties. You will also have available some stage maps and some small georeferenced audiovisual pieces that will give you important clues and serve as inspiration. Will you be able to find the treasure of Sa Roca?

Another interesting geocaching activity can be found in the parks located in Pirineus Barcelona. Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park and the Catalonian Pyrenees Regional Natural Park have jointly created an interactive game that invites you to explore a landscape steeped in history, solve puzzles and discover the surprises concealed in numerous hiding places. Open Pierre's Notebook and enter into a fascinating world populated by Cathars, medicine and water women and migrating shepherds.

And in Canet de Mar, Costa Barcelona, you can play the Griffin of Canet – an interactive game for the whole family that enables you to visit the main heritage sites of this Maresme town in a highly original way. Accompany a young sailor in search of a creature that is half eagle and half lion, and find out if the griffin is a myth or really existed.


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