Culinary events to die for

If you’re a foodie, All Saints’ Day is the perfect celebration for you. The olive oil season is just getting underway, truffles are appearing and xató (Catalan winter salad) is being prepared. It’s time to taste the new wine and it’s the season for pig slaughtering to make cured sausages. How would you like to taste all of this in the best possible setting? Visit the fairs and markets held in the regions of Barcelona between the end of October and All Saints’ Day. Here you have five culinary events to die for.

1. Catalan Flatbread and Curd Cheese Fair

There are some great traditional products at the Catalan Flatbread and Curd Cheese Fair in Monistrol de Montserrat. Mató (curd cheese) from Marganell, Montserrat tomatoes, herbs from Montserrat, cured sausage from Bruc, pastries from Collbató… A thousand and one heavenly delights that will blow you away with their quality. But then, this comes as no surprise, considering that you’re on sacred ground here!

2. All Saints’ Market at Món Sant Benet

Món Sant Benet, the heritage and leisure complex in the Bages region, is all decked out for the Feast of All Saints: stalls, tastings, demonstrations of trades, children’s workshops and many other activities await you at the market held in this former Benedictine monastery. If you plan to bring the kids, make sure you sign up for a guided evening tour: a unique opportunity for the whole family to discover the mysteries of this place, with chestnuts for all and dessert wine for the adults. It may be a little bit scary! Are you up for it?

3. Ratafia Festival in Igualada

Ratafia is a very popular liqueur in the regions of Barcelona and is still prepared the traditional way in many houses. A good place to taste some is at the Ratafia Festival held in Igualada around All Saints’ Day: an unbeatable occasion to get hold of some home-made recipes to make some of your own special herb liqueur! Ah! And one more thing: if you pay a visit to the festival, don’t miss the concerts in the tavern; the improvised songs will have you laughing!

4. Chestnut Fair in Viladrau

The Feast of All Saints is strongly associated with baked sweet potatoes, panellets (little autumn cakes) accompanied by dessert wine and roast chestnuts. And the best place to taste these traditional delicacies is the Chestnut Fair in Viladrau, a first-rate culinary event with an amazing array of artisanal products made from chestnuts, the king of nuts in the Montseny Massif. You can also purchase liqueurs, cakes, Catalan flatbread and fritters made by locals, go on a guided walk in the ancient chestnut forest and attend the Espinzella Knight Show, a play about a local character who now belongs to the world of legends.

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