Balneari Codina

The Codina spa is currently the only thermal spa centre in the town of Tona, although in the early 20th century there were four. The first spring with sulphurous water in the town was discovered in 1874 by a local inhabitant. The laboratory run by Madame Curie certified its curative properties, and in 1878 it even received an award at the Paris Universal Exhibition. The Codina spa uses the water for inhaling, a treatment for respiratory and laryngeal diseases, and for rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments. It also offers courses for preparing for water births and activities for babies aimed at improving their motor, physical and mental development. In addition, Kiwat, a type of Reiki massage, uses the beneficial effects of the water here. Whilst in the spa complex, you can enjoy treatments such as peeling using figs and honey with a milk hydro massage, and a massage with cocoa butter, or an exfoliant peeling with volcanic lava and a mud wrap. The use of chocolate deserves its own section, as it is not only used for massages, but also for baths and body treatment masks. The spa operated continuously between 1913 and 1984. Following a number of extensions and refurbishment work, which has respected the building´s Neo classic appearance, it reopened in 1990. The centre does not have its own accommodation, but the Aloha hotel in Tona offers accommodation packages and passes for spa treatments. Please check the spa opening hours, as they vary according to the day of the week. Located only six kilometres away from the Parc Natural del Montseny, the surrounding area, in addition to the region´s cultural and gastronomic provision makes it an attractive option for a visit.
3 stars
Rural environment
Health and beauty centre

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