From Michelin-starred restaurants to small mountain inns who serve hearty traditional breakfasts. In Barcelona's regions, you have many ways of enjoying a whole gastronomic universe without setting foot in the kitchen. 


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    Cal Travé

    Restaurants Pyrenees

    Cal Travé restaurant in Berga serves homemade cuisine. There is a daily set menu and specialities include pig’s trotters.

  • Ceferino

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    The restaurant of the seafront hotel Ceferino offers signature cuisine dishes based on traditional Catalan and Mediterranean gastronomy.

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    Cal Blasi

    Restaurants Pyrenees

    Cal Blasi is a well-established restaurant in Berga which offers homemade dishes typical of traditional Catalan cuisine, specifically dishes from El Berguedà.

  • Kursaal Espai Gastronòmic

    Restaurants Paisatges Barcelona

    Kursaal Espai Gastronòmic restaurant serves market-fresh cuisine based on seasonal produce. The menu is dynamic and changes with the seasons. It has a large dining room, a terrace and rooms for groups.

  • Rincón de Llaverías

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    A restaurant which offers high-quality market-fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Specialities include rice-based dishes, meat stews, and fish and seafood stews. There are menus for festive holidays and groups. 

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    Niu Nou

    Restaurants Pyrenees

    Niu Nou is a Slow Food restaurant in Bagà which serves traditional cuisine with creative touches. Its menu offers dishes adapted to the availability of seasonal ingredients and prepared using organic produce.

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    El Jardí

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    El Jardí is in the centre of Parets del Vallès and offers organic Mediterranean cuisine with Catalan dishes and touches of signature cuisine, in an intimate, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

  • Genil

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    A restaurant which offers homemade Mediterranean market-fresh cuisine. They specialise in tapas and their star dish is patatas bravas (fried potatoes in spicy tomato sauce). There are several menus and an extensive wine list, from various DO. 

  • Tasta'mm Gourmet Burger&Gin

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    A restaurant which serves "gourmet" hamburgers, prepared using organic ingredients and accompanied by cocktails. The menu is particularly creative and innovative.

  • Ventidue

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    A restaurant offering a very varied menu of dishes which are primarily Italian and are made using high-quality ingredients. 

  • To +

    Restaurants Paisatges Barcelona

    A restaurant offering signature cuisine, which is at the same time traditional, which dishes prepared using high-quality, fresh, local ingredients.

  • Esmarris

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    The Hotel Dolce Sitges is the brilliant companion of the Esmarris restaurant, serving Mediterranean-based cuisine with a daring flair and with modern, original touches. High quality and a noteworthy wine cellar give shape to an idea which is embodied in an elegant establishment and translated into classic recipes, some of which are given a new twist.

  • Safron Mediterranean Bistro

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    Mediterranean cuisine based on seasonal produce is the calling card of the Safron Mediterranean Bistro in Sitges. Hot and cold snacks and tapas, more informal meals and a pleasant time beside the hotel’s outside pool can be found here together with a wide choice of rice and paella dishes within a relaxed setting.

  • Torres Petit

    Restaurants Paisatges Barcelona

    The Torres Petit is a model family business in the purest Catalan tradition. In 1910 it was an inn, and in 1986 the restaurant was started by the Molera brothers. The cooking became great and the Torres too small. Restructuring was needed, and has led to the creation of two spaces with a warm and classic feel where cuisine with traditional roots and prepared by a signature talent can be enjoyed.

  • El Cau del Vinyet

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    A tower built in 1924 houses the Best Western Hotel Subur Marítim, in Sitges. El Cau del Vinyet, as they call the restaurant, is cosy and its market cuisine is extremely good with outstanding dishes. The establishment also has a lounge for all kind of celebrations.

  • Los Vikingos

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    One of the most well-known streets in Sitges has been home since the 1970s to one of the most interesting restaurants in the city: Los Vikingos. With its interior rooms and terraces which in summer become the soul of the restaurant, this establishment offers international market cuisine where imaginative salads, pasta dishes and all kinds of pizzas catch our eye, as do the fresh fish and meat cooked over coal fires.

  • El Mascarón

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    El Mascarón is a restaurant with a family atmosphere which serves Mediterranean seafood cuisine. Located on the beachfront in Sitges, it stands out especially because of its paellas, fideuás, salads and shellfish aperitifs. With their different sizes and characteristics, its rooms are particularly suitable for hosting business or group meals.

  • Iris Gallery

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    The concept behind Iris Gallery’s is very quirky, as it is based on a different idea of restaurant which offers a symbiosis between high cuisine and art. The establishment hosts temporary exhibitions by Josep Maria Subirachs, and in the café we find works by Tàpies, Miró and Dalí and sculptures by different artists. At the table, dishes which are Mediterranean in style and market cuisine in character are on display.

  • La Masia

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    Catalan cuisine in a Catalan house. This is what La Masía offers us in a farmhouse. The building dates from the beginning of the last century and is decorated with all kinds of detail, with its collection of whiskey bottles particularly really catching our attention. The specialities of our traditional cuisine can be savoured here, with the typical cep mushroom with cold meats and toasted bread with tomato at the forefront.

  • La Nansa

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    Sitges-style rice is the most representative dish of La Nansa’s kitchen, a restaurant which has been run by the same family for five generations. The entire menu evokes the sea in an establishment located in one of the most emblematic places in the old part of Sitges. It has inherited its forebears’ commitment to traditional cuisine and provides this with new takes on the latest trends.

Showing 61 - 80 of 81 results.


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    01/01/2021-31/12/2021 Comarca de l'Anoia

    Descobreix el patrimoni de l'Anoia

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  • 15/03/2020 Gavà

    Murtra Day

    In the past, people went to this lake in Gavà to catch eels. Nowadays, on Murtra Day, animals are released there.