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Discover the town of Granollers


Do you want to find out about the history of Granollers? A city of narrow streets and squares framed by the wall. The tour starts in the old town, which since the 14TH century has consisted of a network of squares and porches that named after the product being sold there. From the MID-16TH century, population and economic growth necessitated the construction of the large porch.

Then visit the archaeological site of the tannery; one of the few preserved historic tanneries in Catalonia, where you can understand what a preindustrial artisan complex was like, and the history and growth of the city from the 9TH century until the 18TH century.

Later, admire, from the outside, the most emblematic modernist houses of the city, for example, that of the architect Manuel Joaquim Raspall, the biggest representative of modernism in the region.

Finally, visit the bomb shelter of Maluquer i Salvador square, a shelter built in 1938.

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