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La Seu d'Ègara, a hidden treasure


Terrassa Turisme

Do you want to discover Terrassa's most precious gem?
We suggest taking a tour around the rich archaeological, historical and artistic heritage of Seu d'Ègara and discover the secrets of this monumental site, which is unique in Europe. A priceless architectural heritage that spans an uninterrupted period from the Iberian era to the present: numerous Iberian and Roman ruins, a large episcopal complex from the V to VIII centuries, which consists of the Ègara Cathedral (initially a Basilica), with its three naves (Santa Maria) and baptistery, the funerary temple of Sant Miquel, the parish church of Sant Pere, the residential area of the episcopal palace and burial spaces and, of course, some unique artistic features (murals of the early Middle Ages, Romanesque paintings and Gothic altarpieces) ... An unforgettable visit to a peaceful and harmonious place, where even the stones have stories to tell ...
The offer includes: a guided tour of an hour and a half and the entrance to the Seu d'Ègara.

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