Manresa's Gothic Basilica of Santa Maria, its mediaeval streets and the Catalan Art Nouveau mansions that visitors encounter along the way provide historical proof of the entrepreneurial spirit boasted by this city since its very beginnings. The true beating heart of an active country, Manresa is not only a city with an attractive, modern image that it never betrays, but also one that does not renounce its roots, and which astonishes with an inspirational spirit that captivates the curious stare of those who have discovered a new treasure.


- Visit the Acequia Park and walk along the Acequia Canal. - Visit the basilica of Santa Maria de la Seu.- Visit the Cave of San Ignacio and follow in the footsteps of the saint with the San Ignacio Route.- Visit the Interpretation Centre on Balç street. - Follow the Modernista route. - Go to the Azada Fair and the Mediterrània Fair. - Visit the city's museums.- Enjoy the wines of the Pla de Bages D.O.. Regions