12 regions and 311 cities and towns draw different landscapes with its own personality. A splendid territory where diversity is the norm.  

12 regions

El Bages

The Bages region strong character is defined by its wheat fields and vines, small hamlets with cobbled streets and over a thousand metres high peaks. It is a land full of contrasts in the heart of Catalonia.


El Baix Llobregat

El Baix Llobregat is an ideal destination for amazing getaways very close to Barcelona. At sea, river or mountain, there are so many interesting proposals that you will not want to stay home.

El Barcelonès

Barcelona has all the attractions of the great Mediterranean cities, plus one that makes it unique: its surrounding region. The cultural, gastronomic and sports offer of Barcelonès hides secrets you need to discover without fail.

El Berguedà

A captivating landscape with spectacular locations and a mountainous landscape that is very rich in legends. Discover the region through its country life, gastronomic delights and out-door activities

El Garraf

This is a land of farmers, sailors and artists, who live both with the peace of nature and the din of the party. In El Garraf region you can discover beaches, curious limestone landscapes and some interesting modernist heritage.

El Maresme

Among beaches and peaks, the Maresme region is the quintessential Mediterranean paradise. An ideal place for water sports, with many alternative activities to also enjoy the mountains.

El Moianès

Throughout time a unique landscape has been shaped by stone and water originating a genuine region where locals are proud of their origins.

El Vallès Occidental

This plain – bounded by mountains – impresses with its unique natural areas and its outstandingly preserved architectural heritage. The richness of the Vallès Occidental region is so great that it is hard to believe!

El Vallès Oriental

In El Vallès Oriental there are many ways to enjoy your leisure time. Nature walks, cultural tours, sporting events and thermalism are the main strengths of a region with a wide range of attractions.

L'Alt Penedès

Never-ending vineyards represent the Alt Penedès unique landmark. Scattered with farmhouses and small rural towns, the region showcases a surprising architectural and archaeological heritage.


L'Anoia is a land where traditional peasant values are still very present. Hospitality is considered an art, and it is practiced with the passion of those who live within a rough and dry natural environment.


Osona is a land where the past and the present shake hands tightly. Traces of the shepherds, bandits and soldiers who travelled down its tracks are perceived as clearly as their stories.