Agbar Museu de les Aigües

The knowledge of everything to do with the underwater world is the guiding principle of this museum's activity, open to the public since 2004 and promoted by the Agbar Foundation. In 1998 this foundation began a series of activities aimed at raising environmental awareness. Its objectives involve environmental conservation, promoting research and development activities, the creation of a documentation centre and archive and improving mankind's quality of life. The Agnar Museum provides recreational and educational activities for the general public. The museum is made up of various facilities at various places around the Plaça dels Cedres, the emblematic centre point of the town. Visitors can wander through this museum and see the different installations related to hydraulic operations, for an overall idea of what they were like in the past and how they currently operate. The three bays, designed by Josep Amargós i Samaranch in 1905, were originally hydraulic facilities for steam, each having retained its original appearance. Aigües de Barcelona has attempted to turn this complex into the mostefficient of the pumping stations for potable water. Sheltered by the building, what was the smoke stack and chimney for the former coal-run installations are still standing. Access to the underground reserve of the aquifer was gained through the Cornellà wells. The oldest one at the museum is the so-called Fives-Lille, from 1905, but there are two others. The potable water tanks that used to store the water before it was channelled into the distribution pipes are the last of the complex's installations. The museum displays a permanent exhibition in the Amargós i Samaranch building. It also holds temporary exhibitions related to its objectives, as well as activities, sessions and educational workshops for students and educators. The museum also has a shop and restaurant.
Type of centre
Exhibition centre
Type of museum
Science and technology
Library / documentation centre
Guided tours
Seals and certificates Cercle de Turisme de la Diputació de Barcelona Biosphere Committed

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