Centre Enoturístic i Arqueològic de Vallmora

The Cella Vinaria de Teià is the largest archaeological part that can be visited and was dedicated to the production of wine during Roman times. By going through the entire establishment and viewing the largest Roman presses reconstructed in Europe, the visitor is informed of the culture and preparation of wine by local ancestors. The content is based on archaeological wine tourism, given that the visit ends with a local wine tasting, the current DO Alella and an explanation of the current products based on their historical continuity, customs, techniques and culture. With this small museum area, the subject of wine-making is presented during Roman times and its wine culture which is depicted throughout the guided tour over the 3,400 m² occupied by the archaeological Park of the Vallmora Roman wine cellar. In addition to the visits with wine tasting, dramatised visits are also offered and other occasional activities such as dinners, a food and wine pairing menu, etc.
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Interpretation centre
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