Roman baths of Sant Boi

These thermal baths are the best preserved privately owned bathrooms in Catalonia. They were built in the late second century A.D. on an amphora factory, and worked at full capacity until the 5th century. During the 18th century a house was built on top of the baths, and it protected them until 1956 when they were discovered by a group of local archaeologists. Currently, after several archaeological interventions and a careful museumisation, this whole thermal bath building can be rediscovered in all its splendour and the visitor can get a rather good idea of how they worked. It consists of two constructions built in parallel where the cold and hot chambers respectively are located. In the first chambers we can find the dressing room, a hall and a cold pool, and in the second ones, a warm room, a steam bath room and another hot bath room. Visits are allowed during the weekends.
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