Parc de la Sèquia

La Sèquia is a Medieval canal that was built during the 14th century to transport the water in the Llobregat River from Balsareny to Manresa. It is still in use today. The Sèquia Park has been created around this work of Medieval engineering measuring 26 km long. This cultural and play area is made up of different sites, such as the Visitors’ Centre, the Can Font Water Centre and the Manresa Technical Museum. The Visitors’ Centre is in the Agulla Park in Manresa. It is the best starting point for finding out more about the canal´s history and all the natural resources in the surrounding area. The centre provides specialised guides who accompany visitors on walking routes and trips that are suitable for everyone and which cross sections of the Sèquia Park. All visitors can choose the type of route they´d most like to do, as some summarise the park’s historical aspects, whereas others focus on the natural environment. You can visit interesting places such as the Santa Maria aqueduct, the Manresans reservoir, the house of the person in charge of the canal, Sala forest and the damp Corbatera area. There is another important place to visit on the Santpedor road within the Sèquia park: the Can Font country house Water Centre. This country house has been turned into a museum where there are two permanent exhibitions. The first of these, titled Rational use of water, explains the importance of this resource and how we humans use it. The second exhibition, called Water in the city, enables visitors to find out about the journey taken by water, both before it comes out of the tap and after it has gone down the drain. At the Water Centre, there is also a floor used for educational activities with school children and a library and archive that the public can use. The Technical Museum is very close to the Water Centre. It is an interesting exhibition centre that describes the history of the Sèquia canal in the city of Manresa from its origins.
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