Whether it’s with your partner, family or friends, a picnic is a healthy, environmentally friendly and cheap way to spend the day in contact with nature. It’s the perfect choice! There are picnic areas scattered throughout the regions of Barcelona.


Pícnic i bolets, dia rodó

Anar a collir bolets i fer un pícnic. Gaudeix de  la natura a prop de Barcelona.

Pícnic, cultura i patrimoni!

Et proposem anar de pícnic sense renunciar a gaudir de la cultura.

Enjoy a picnic with a view

Five picnic areas with a lookout point to enjoy the landscape.

5 àrees de pícnic a l'ombra

Vols fugir de la calor i gaudir de la natura? Fes pícnic sota una bona ombra!


Let’s go on a picnic by public transport!

Don’t have a car or don’t want to use it? You can still enjoy a picnic day out

5 picnic areas in Osona

Fancy a picnic somewhere nice and cool? Osona is the ideal place.

Picnic and beach, the perfect combination

Five picnic areas to enjoy on a day at the beach.

Anem de pícnic i fem un bany?

4 àrees de pícnic per refrescar-te i gaudir de la natura.

Heading to Montseny Natural Park? Why not have a picnic?

Five picnic areas to enjoy the Montseny Massif.

4 great picnic areas for kids

To enjoy nature with the family, a good lunchtime option is a picnic.

És primavera, anem de pícnic?

5 àrees de pícnic per a gaudir del l'exuberància de la natura.

5 pícnics per a gaudir del Berguedà

Tant a l'alta muntanya com a les zones urbanes, si vas al Berguedà fes pícnic!