Tips for a fun Christmas

Over the Christmas school holidays, there are plenty of parents and grandparents on the lookout for fun activities to do with children, preferably away from screens (big and small) and which suit everyone. Impossible, you say? Not at all. Just carry on reading! Here are a few cultural sporting and leisure options to enjoy as a family over these days of get-togethers.

1. Museums a plenty

From the last day of term to Three Kings' Day, the museums in the regions of Barcelona offer all sorts of exhibitions, workshops and shows for families with children. At Badalona Museum, for example, you can visit an exhibition of toys and games through the ages. At the Manresa Technical Museum you can learn how to make various Christmas crafts. At the Catalonia Science and Technology Museum, in Terrassa, you can hear a story about the importance of water. At the Textile Printing Museum of Premià de Mar there's a Playmobil exhibition: if you want to stroll around the Egyptian pyramids or Roman Circus, this is the place for you!

2. Christmas Fun Parks

Christmas fun parks are another great option for families over the holiday period. In the Baix Llobregat region you're sure to enjoy the Children's Fair in Cornellà, a classic event now in its 23rd year, where you can take part in recycling workshops, ride on the attractions and play team sports in fun tournaments open to everybody. Or make your way to the Badanadal in Manlleu, an ice paradise with all sorts of activities to suit all ages.

4. Letter to the Three Kings

Once the New Year has been ushered in, it's time to deliver your letter to the royal pages of the Three Kings. They visit many towns and cities in the regions of Barcelona, but if you'd like to meet the most famous royal emissaries in person, you'll have to make your way to IgualadaTerrassaVilanova i la Geltrú i Cornellà, where the royal pages Faruk, Xiu-Xiu and Eliseu and the magician Maginet await you, ready to deliver your letters to Their Majesties.

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