4 great picnic areas for kids

Are you looking for a picnic area to visit with your children? Here are 4 options, all close to cities and up in the hills. Although they’re very different from each other, they’ve got one thing in common: your children will have such a great time there that they won’t want to leave. Get those packed lunches ready and let the adventure begin!

Can Mercader Park (Cornellà de Llobregat)

This large park, covering 10 hectares, is located close to the city. It has 4 wooden tables right next to the children’s play area, which even has a boat. The park has a sprawling green area for strolling or cycling, gazebos, lookout points, a fitness circuit, a pond with fish and ducks, and a wide variety of trees and plants. There’s also a bar and restaurant. One of the main attractions is an electric train that runs on Sundays and public holidays (from 11:15 to 13:30). In the centre of the park there’s a palace that houses the Mathematics Museum, along with several exhibitions.

GPS 41° 21'23.28" N    2° 5'8.61" E


Francesc Macià Park (Cardedeu)

Located at the edge of the town, this park has 6 wooden tables and plenty of shade. The children’s play area is very original with equipment made out of tree trunks and tyres. Children will have a great time with the musical games, swings and zip line... There’s also a covered multi-purpose sports court, plenty of green areas in which to stroll and play, and a small canal with a wooden hanging walkway and a small bridge that cross it.

GPS:  41° 38'33.45" N   2° 21'8.26" E 


Parc Forestal (Forest Park) (Mataró)

This is a spacious park with several wooden tables, most of which are in the shade. It has a large children’s play area, lookout points for enjoying views of Mataró and the sea, open spaces, a hilly area, a bar, some toilets and the Bosc Vertical adventure park.

GPS: 41°33'57.53" N   2°25'35.74"E 


Font Negra (Berga)

This spot is situated halfway between Berga and the Queralt Sanctuary, on the north face of the Queralt Range. It’s an ideal place to cool down on hot days thanks to its many shady areas. It has 17 wooden and stone tables arranged on various terraces, following the course of the Metge Stream. There’s a children’s play area, a fitness circuit and the fountain after which it’s named. It’s a green, leafy area where you can enjoy nature and peacefulness.

GPS: 42° 6'42.68" N   1°50'1.46"E 


  • This article, along with many others on the picnic areas of the regions of Barcelona, is by the creator of the Som de pícnic (Picnic People) blog, Marta Dachs.

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