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Let’s go on a picnic by public transport!

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to use it, you can still enjoy a day out with a picnic. Here are 5 picnic areas that can be reached by train or inter-city coach. Come on, it’s picnic time!

Quadra d’Enveja Park (Vilanova i la Geltrú)

You can reach Vilanova i la Geltrú by train or by inter-city coach. This picnic area is in a huge park on the north-west edge of the city. In the central area there are 10 wooden tables arranged in pairs in different pine groves, which means that most of them enjoy shade. You certainly won’t feel that you’re in the middle of a city. On the northern edge of the park you can find the Chapel of Sant Joan and the Enveja Tower, which formed part of the Castle of Quadra de Enveja. On the southern edge of the park there’s a bar, a small football pitch, some basketball hoops, a roller skating rink, ping-pong tables and a children’s play area.


GPS: 41°13'26.90"N  1°42'45.29"E


Nou Park (el Prat de Llobregat)

You can reach El Prat del Llobregat by metro (Line L9 South), by train and by bus. The park is on the southern edge of the city and is very big. There are 57 wooden tables arranged in the southern area of the park. They enjoy plenty of shade and are well separated from each other. Although they’re very popular you can always find a free table. One of its main attractions is an original road safety cycling area, which children love. There are different children’s play areas and plenty of space to run, stroll and ride bikes. You’ll also find a health circuit, football pitches, basketball hoops, toilets and a bar with a terrace. A pretty canal flows through the park and there are a series of small bridges that cross over it. It’s a very pleasant place for a walk or a day out, whether you’re going with children or not.


GPS: 41°18'55.39"N  2° 5'28.51"E


Francesc Macià Park (Malgrat de Mar)

You can get to Malgrat de Mar by train or inter-city coach. This park, located on Avinguda Costa Brava, is also very large. There are more than 10 tables, arranged in three groups. Sometimes it’s not easy to find a free table because lots of children’s parties are held there, so make sure you get there early. There are several children’s play areas (some traditional, others more original), along with a football pitch, a skateboarding area and some ping-pong tables. You’ll find plenty of space for strolling and there’s also a fantasy world area where you can find giant everyday objects, such as an eraser or a shoe.


GPS: 41°39'2.01"N  2°44'20.74"E


Font Gran Park (Taradell)

This small and pretty urban park is located on the northern edge of Taradell. You can get there by inter-city coach from Vic (which can be reached by train and inter-city coach). There are 2 stone tables that enjoy plenty of shade next to the Mansa Stream. It’s an attractive, peaceful peace for relaxing, strolling and discovering the beautiful fountain after which it’s named.


GPS: 41°52'38.04"N  2°17'12.89"E  

Font de Sant Josep or Font dels Enamorats (Santa Maria de Palautordera)

Although it belongs to the municipality of Santa Maria de Palautordera, this picnic area is located in a district close to Sant Celoni, from where it’s easier to get to. You can reach Sant Celoni by train or inter-city coach. It’s a beautiful, shady spot, and although there are houses just a few metres away you can’t seen them because it’s on a lower level. There are 6 wooden tables under the shade of some plane trees, arranged in two rows that are quite well separated from each other. A stream flows by and there’s plenty of space to play. The old fountain is very pretty. Although it’s dedicated to Saint Joseph, it’s always been known as the Sweethearts’ Fountain, since it was a popular meeting point for the village’s young couples. There’s a children’s park at street level but it doesn’t belong to the picnic area.


GPS: 41°40'56.33"N 2°28'42.61"E  

  • This article, along with many others on the picnic areas of the regions of Barcelona, is by the creator of the Som de pícnic (Picnic people) blog, by Marta Dachs.

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