Families on the Ignatian Way

There are many options for family activities in the regions of Anoia and Bages that lie on either side of the Ignatian Way. Besides the option of simply walking the route and enjoying nature and the landscapes of the region, there are a number of places which are particularly attractive for children.  

I encara a l’Anoia, per descobrir els secrets d’un cel estrellat i aprendre-ho tot sobre els planetes i les constel·lacions, res de millor que visitar l’Observatori de Pujalt, un espai privilegiat situat en un indret sense contaminació lumínica on es fan tallers i visites de meteorologia i astronomia per a públic de totes les edats.

The county of l’Anoia is full of surprises for little explorers. There is a path from the village of Sant Martí de Tous that winds upwards as far as the old hermit chapel of Sentfores and then reaches down to the gorge of La Fou, a watery, leafy grove in the forest where any recent rainfall will create a curious waterfall and where there is a charming gorge. 

Not far from this enchanted place, and in the same county of l’Anoia, there is the castle of Claramunt, a medieval fortress that stands on a hill that is 461 metres high. A 30 minute walk will take you there from the village of Pobla de Claramunt, along the “Kids mountain” path where there are different areas where children can take part in a range of activities such as observation, playing, discovering, climbing, yodelling and flying kites.

While still in l’Anoia, there is no better way to study the stars in the sky and learn about the planets and constellations than to visit the Observatory of Pujalt, which is located in a privileged space with no light pollution. There are workshops and guided visits that focus on astronomy and the weather which are suitable for all ages.


If we move on from l’Anoia to Bages, the main attraction for families is the Nature Park of the Mountain of Montserrat, a place with plenty of surprising landscapes and activities. There are many routes that take you around the geological marvels of the mountain, most of which are suitable for children. 

One of these accessible paths which offers fantastic views of the curious rock formations that children find so fascinating is the one which runs downhill from the upper station of the Sant Joan mountain railway. To take this path, just take the mountain railway that lifts us up to 1,000 metres above sea level, to the Pla de les Taràntules, where the Nature Centre is located. This is an educational space which tells the story of the mountain and describes its characteristic geological features, its flora, fauna and climate. There are a number of routes that set off from here. We are going to take the one that runs down to the monastery, with different perspectives of the mountain. When you reach the bottom, you should take advantage of the chance to buy a traditional coca cake or the curd cheese of Montserrat

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Al final del camí Ignasià hi trobem Manresa, una ciutat plena de possibilitats per fer en família. Un dels indrets més atractius és el Parc de la Sèquia de Manresa. Es tracta d’una zona verda amb un gran llac, arbres de fins a 20 espècies diferents i ànecs i altres ocells aquàtics. A més, les famílies troben diferents espais de joc i un centre de visitants on poden conèixer la història i la cultura de la Sèquia, un canal que porta aigua del Llobregat fins aquí. Aquest canal compta amb un camí lateral, que és perfecte per fer rutes a peu o amb bicicleta.  

Finally, at the end of the Ignatian Way lies Manresa, a city with many activities that can be enjoyed with children. One of its most attractive places is the Park of l’Agulla i Sèquia de Manresa. The park is a green zone with a large lake, as many as 20 different species of trees, ducks and other waterfowl. Families can also find a number of playgrounds and a visitor's centre where they can discover the history and culture related with La Sèquia, a canal that diverts the water of the River Llobregat as far as here. The canal has a towpath which is ideal for cycle rides or long walks.  

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