The magic mountain

If you are looking for somewhere with beautiful mountain scenery near Barcelona, ​​Montseny Natural Park will amaze you. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and located in Costa Barcelona, this massif has been a hiking school for many Catalonians – an area where many hikers have donned their backpacks for the first time. But, as well as being an area where you can take long hikes or short walks, Montseny offers a thousand and one ways to enjoy your time there

To begin to discover Montseny Natural Park, you should visit its information centres and request everything related to what you are interested in doing. If you are a photography enthusiast, for example, you will be shown the best places to capture the beauty of its forests, which change their appearance every season, or a perfect place to admire the Turó de l'Home – the park's highest point.

If you are more interested in the flora and fauna of Montseny, you can go on its discovery excursions – activities designed to raise awareness of the natural environment and the treasures it guards. These activity days welcome a large number of people, so bring your children along and let them have fun identifying trees, watching animals and learning how to detect footprints and tracks. Children will also have a great time in the Montseny Area of Viladrau, where you can take a tour of the massif's imaginary and magical world and hear legends of bandits and water women, who hide in the deep pools of the streams.

Gastronomy is another of the main attractions of the natural park, which boasts a good range of restaurants, where you can sample the extraordinary cuisine of Montseny after you have worked up an appetite. Especially in autumn, when the tables are filled with dishes made from mushrooms, wild boar, chestnuts and the fruit of the strawberry tree. Spring is also a good time to visit the inns of the municipalities of Montseny and sample delicious cheeses and the best lamb in the region.


  • Have you heard of the "Experience the Park" scheme? It is an initiative by Barcelona Provincial Council's Natural Park Network, which offers plastic art, theatrical, musical and literary activities in the middle of nature. Check out the activities calendar on its website!

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