Pobla de Lillet, la

A stroll through the Old Town of La Pobla de Lillet will give visitors a magical history tour. The narrow cobbled streets invite you to forget about routine, and, from here, you can reach the Güell spring, the old bridge, Plaça del Molí square, the castle and the church. The views are spectacular and the walk contains surprises such as mediaeval tales and games about the relationship between man and nature and that between Gaudí, the Catalan Art Nouveau and this town.


- Walk through the Catllaràs mountain range and the surroundings of the town. - Visit the Artigas Gardens and drink from the Magnèsia fountains. - Dance the Falgars dance. - Cross the river Llobregat over the Vell bridge. - Ride on the tourist train known as the Cement Train. Regions