The rich heritage and history of Sabadell, joint regional capital with Terrassa, is extensive and diverse. Prehistoric traces to recent history, the Catalan Art Nouveau and industrialisation all form part of its makeup. Rising from the banks of the River Ripoll, Sabadell is today a dynamic, active city with services and peaceful spaces. The Old Town retains many old façades and is now an important shopping hub.


- Discover the ceramic ovens of the L’Escaiola workshop (18th century), between houses number 5 and 7 of vía de Massagué, where the Cal Ventura shop is currently located. The production of earthenware pottery was an important economic activity in 18th century Sabadell. - Walk down the Rambla and visit the casal Pere Quart, popularly known as Les Voltes de Oliver, a stately home built by the family of writer Joan Oliver (Pere Quart) in the year 1865. - Admire the Teatro Principal, by architect Francesc Daniel Molina, inaugurated in 1866. The interior decoration, notably Baroque, was by the stage designers and painters from Barcelona Marià Carreras Vila (the author of the sets in the Liceo in Barcelona) and Joan Ballester y Ayguals d'Izco. The stage was by Joaquim Mansió, also the author of the design there was in the Liceo Theatre before the latest reconstruction. - Understand its ancestral past with the Duran house, built between the years 1578 and 1606, where worth noting are the constructive and pictorial decorations and the private chapel, with a Renaissance altarpiece presiding the altar. Regions
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  • Anoia - Castell de Rubió
    01/01/2021-31/12/2021 Comarca de l'Anoia

    Descobreix el patrimoni de l'Anoia

    Endinsa’t en la història del patrimoni cultural i històric de la comarca de l'Anoia amb les visites guiades que organitza Anoia Patrimoni. Consulta les visites guiades i tria què vols descobrir.

  • Masia Freixa de Terrassa
    01/01/2021-31/12/2021 Comarques de Barcelona

    Descobreix el patrimoni industrial

    Museus, antigues fàbriques, mines, colònies tèxtils, centres d’interpretació i diverses empreses t'esperen amb un munt d'activitats que no t'acabaràs mai. Descobreix el patrimoni industrial!

  • 05/01/2020-27/12/2020 Manresa

    Descobreix la Torre Lluvià

    Vine a conèixer l'obra de l'arquitecte modernista Ignasi Oms, contemplant l'entorn natural des del lluernari i a gaudir de l'Anella Verda de Manresa.

  • 15/03/2020 Gavà

    Murtra Day

    In the past, people went to this lake in Gavà to catch eels. Nowadays, on Murtra Day, animals are released there.