One cannot talk of Vic without referring to its markets: the Saturday market, the Market of the Senses, the Mediaeval Market Vic has made its shopping options its greatest calling card, complemented by a rich range of culinary offerings, and has become a point of reference far beyond its immediate area of influence. Here, visitors will find a welcoming, lively city, one of services and contrasts, where modernity and the latest trends coexist in harmony with great archives and historical buildings and places such as the Episcopal Museum of Vic, which displays a superb collection of mediaeval art, including masterpieces of painting and sculpture from the Romanesque and Catalan Gothic periods, along with gold and silverware collections and liturgical art.


- Try the cold meats, especially the fuet from Vic. - Visit the cathedral of Sant Pere. - See the country houses around the Main square. - Do the route of the painter Sert. - Visit the Episcopal Museum of Vic. Regions

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  • Anoia - Castell de Rubió
    01/01/2021-31/12/2021 Comarca de l'Anoia

    Descobreix el patrimoni de l'Anoia

    Endinsa’t en la història del patrimoni cultural i històric de la comarca de l'Anoia amb les visites guiades que organitza Anoia Patrimoni. Consulta les visites guiades i tria què vols descobrir.

  • Masia Freixa de Terrassa
    01/01/2021-31/12/2021 Comarques de Barcelona

    Descobreix el patrimoni industrial

    Museus, antigues fàbriques, mines, colònies tèxtils, centres d’interpretació i diverses empreses t'esperen amb un munt d'activitats que no t'acabaràs mai. Descobreix el patrimoni industrial!

  • 05/01/2020-27/12/2020 Manresa

    Descobreix la Torre Lluvià

    Vine a conèixer l'obra de l'arquitecte modernista Ignasi Oms, contemplant l'entorn natural des del lluernari i a gaudir de l'Anella Verda de Manresa.

  • 15/03/2020 Gavà

    Murtra Day

    In the past, people went to this lake in Gavà to catch eels. Nowadays, on Murtra Day, animals are released there.