Masia Can Ollé de la Guardia 1

Can Ollé de la Guàrdia retains its architectural charm, which has been restored gradually over the years. One of the annexes of the house houses three apartments that are equipped with all modern amenities but retain a rustic air. They are named Casa Romaní, which is located on the first floor and is accessed via a spiral staircase in an old winery; Casa Farigola, which is on the ground floor; and the largest, Casa Espígol, which is also on the ground floor. The complex also has two large rooms for events and celebrations.The setting of the country house is a haven of peace. Guests can watch turkeys, chickens and several duck families passing through the garden or swimming in the pond. On the lawn of the gardens, there is a wide variety of trees, whose beautiful shadows hide the small chapel of Sant Simeó. A dip in one of the two pools is a particularly appealing option in summer, followed by a walk in the surroundings.
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