Bottled sensations

To enter the domains of the Penedès DO is to open oneself up to a world of sensations where everything is possible. You can taste the elixir extracted from the xarel·lo grape variety, smell the numerous species of medicinal plants, enjoy a waterfall and thrill to the sight of a human tower being crowned by the enxaneta (typically, a child of about five years old). Accompany us on this route through Alt Penedès, a land that leaves its mark.

How about beginning our route with breakfast, and a slice of typical coca in Vilafranca market? There’s no better way to start the day than with this rectangular Catalan flatbread, perfumed with cumin and aniseed. With a little luck, you might also catch a human tower-building performance, since Vilafranca’s three human tower-building teams often give demonstrations of this unique tradition.

The next stop could be the historical monuments at the top of Sant Martí Sarroca. The castle offers wonderful views and the 12th-century church houses an apse that’s so awe-inspiring that the town has become an important destination for enthusiasts of Catalan Romanesque architecture. If you fancy discovering all the hidden corners of this beautiful town, go on one of the Sant Martí Sarroca Routes; you’ll be captivated by the setting.

Natural heritage is also very important in Torrelles de Foix, a village watered by the Foix River and the Pontons Stream. A picnic at Les Dous is highly recommended, with the pure water of its 35 natural springs flowing into a crystal-clear lake with a waterfall tumbling among the rocks.

A little further south, in Foix Park, you’ll find two of the region’s most famous landmarks: Castellet Castle, with incredible views over the Foix Reservoir, and the Foix Mill, a mediaeval flour mill that now houses an interpretation centre with a very unusual botanic garden. Enjoy a relaxing stroll among the region’s indigenous plant and flower species!

But wherever you go, you really must make the most of any chance you get to immerse yourself in the area’s wine and cava culture: wine tastings, gastronomic wine-pairing, grape harvest festivals, visits to wineries, museums, walks among vineyards and so much more. Alt Penedès has many attractions, but without a shadow of a doubt, the grape is the indisputable star of this area.

Discover all the nuances of the wines and cavas of Alt Penedès thanks to a comprehensive range of wine-tourism experiences.


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