Barcelona is sea. It’s mountains. It’s urban. It’s rural. It’s wine tourism. It’s gastronomy. It’s sport. It’s history. It’s art. It’s culture. It’s architecture. It’s many things at the same time. So many that it has more than 300 municipalities and 12 regions to explore.

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En família

Ara pots visitar l'obra més desconeguda de Gaudí. Un jardí únic que va dissenyar i regalar a la família Artigas com a mostra d'agr...

Mediterranean Guitar Festival
Culture and traditions

El Mediterraean Guitar Festival ens torna a portar el millor so de la guitarra espanyola en el marc incomparable de l'Ermita de Sa...

Circ Cric Festival
Culture and traditions

With the arrival of spring, the show begins! The Circ Cric Festival returns to the forests of Sant Esteve de Palautordera. You won...


  Visita les Coves del Toll a la capital del Moianès i endinsa't en un viatge per la prehistòria.

The Patum
Culture and traditions

The Patum involves moments of mystery, happiness, passion, joy… Describing this event, listed as intangible cultural heritage by U...

Corpus in la Garriga
Culture and traditions

If you happen to be staying in La Garriga and your room fills with the aroma of flowers when you open your window upon waking, it ...

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