Barcelona is sea. It’s mountains. It’s urban. It’s rural. It’s wine tourism. It’s gastronomy. It’s sport. It’s history. It’s art. It’s culture. It’s architecture. It’s many things at the same time. So many that it has more than 300 municipalities and 12 regions to explore.

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Els Pastorets (Little Shepherds) of Mataró
Culture and traditions

A unique performance that preserves its original essence from the turn of the 20th century, but with the energy and pace of the 21...

La Corrida Festival in Puig-reig
Culture and traditions

The traditional Tres Tombs (Three Laps) festival has its own name in Puig-reig: La Corrida, a festival that’s over 125 years old, ...

 Tres Tombs (Three Laps) Festival in Igualada
Culture and traditions

The Romans claimed that the act of making cattle walk three laps around the perimeter of a temple had curative powers. In Igualada...

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